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Our Products

Pan dulce (sweet bread) is the name for a variety of Mexican pastries. For three generations, Azteca Bakeries has continued to bring fresh and authentic pan dulce to our community and stores across the Pacific West and throughout the Midwestern states.


Our original family recipes are proudly rooted in the cultural and traditional baking methods of Mexican pan dulce. We use only the freshest ingredients based on simplicity, purity, and quality with almost no preservatives. Our flash-frozen pastries are delivered directly to your bakery, guaranteeing maximum freshness and quality.


Made from scratch every time, our delicious pastries are ready to bake in your oven. Bring the authentic taste of traditional Mexican pan dulce to your local communities and stores.

Conchas (Seashell Bread)

Conchas are the most popular and recognizable of all the traditional Mexican pan dulce. Taking on the name of shell in Spanish, this semi-round pan is porous and fluffy with a seashell-like top layer of pasta dulce (hardened sweet paste) available in various bright colors. Azteca Bakeries has been selling pan dulce since the early 1950s. Our conchas can be ordered in cases of 100 (standard) and 200 (mini) or 48 cases on a pallet for both sizes. Ready to bake when they arrive at your store, our goal is to streamline your process with easy baking instructions.



A soft pan dulce shaped in a half-circle, our empanadas come filled with your choice of calabaza, piña, manzana, and cream cheese (pumpkin, pineapple, apple, and cream cheese). A year round favorite is the empanada de calabaza.Our process for producing frozen goods is a unique blend of automated techniques and traditional Mexican hand-crafted finishing touches which allows us to produce quality products on a large scale while still maintaining the authentic look and taste of pan dulce. Our empanadas can be ordered in 90 count cases or 48 cases on a pallet.


Cochitos (Piggies)

Cochitos are a pig-shaped pastry with the flavor of piloncillo (molasses) and one of Mexico's most traditional pan dulce (sweetbread). The cochito has a bread-like texture with an egg-wash top that gives the pan a nice shine after baking. This cute pan loved by children and adults alike features a snout, two feet, a tail and an ear. Our Cochitos can be ordered in 160 pieces per case with up to 48 cases per pallet. This product goes through a flash-freezing process to maintain superior quality to guarantee freshness when they arrive in your store. Our goal is to streamline your process with easy baking instructions.



A cultural favorite, the mantecada resembles an American muffin with a dense texture and rich, buttery flavor. This pan dulce is the perfect breakfast item or snack paired with a hot coffee. In Mexico, this delicious treat is also a favorite for la merienda, the early evening coffee break. When you place your order, the frozen product comes in a red paper muffin cup. Our mantecadas can be ordered in 70 pieces and 30 cases on a pallet.

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