Traditional Mexican Bread

It is important to never forget what we have been shown for generations. One of our traditions is to be able to make Authentic Mexican bread and that is what Azteca is all about. We have focus on keeping all of all recipes as original as possible in order to deliver the best possible product to you, our client.

State of the art Equipment.

In order to deliver the best, we have made improvements to our process. We have some of the best machineries in order to deliver consistency, speed, and quality. Not only that, but we are constantly keeping them up do day in order to deliver the best possible product out to you.

Great people make great bread

In order for us to have top quality we have great people who take the initiative necessary to deliver awesome bread. We have a rigorous training course to keep our staff in top shape, and in exchange we get great bread. The more educated our employees are the better our bread turns out.

Bread of the Month

Mantecadas are a type of spongy pastry similar to a muffin. They taste very much like pound cake. Mantecadas should not be confused with mantecados, a much denser, non spongy very different type of pastry.

MantecadasSeptember 8, 2016